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Statistics and Data Manipulation


  • Get statistics (min, max, average, standard deviation) for the entire scan.

  • Get statistics for a selection of the data (mouse select on the C-Scan the area of interest).

  • Re-compute thickness with new velocity (per channel, per gate).

  • Set data boundaries, filter data and remove uniform coating thickness.

  • Get data distribution graph with statistics including design values indicators, min, max indicators etc.

  • Remove a uniform coating from any C-Scan per gate or from the entire data.

  • .Units change (metric, english).

  • .Change gates size without RF save! (Thickness Limits).

  • .Filter data (NRI). Filters can even be geometric (filter-out a certain area).

  • .Delete Data. Completely removes the data.

Statistics page view.

Filters dialog.

Distribution Plot.

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