New technologies for composition, display and processing ultrasonic scans.


5th National Conference on NDT of the Hellenic Society of NDT (HSNT), 18-19 November 2005, National Technical University of Athens.

Apostolos Tsimogiannis, Spilios Kattis, Athanasios Anastasopoulos


The present work refers to the identification and analysis of modern needs both in the industrial and the laboratory environment in applications with the use of automated ultrasonic scanning systems for recording and displaying thickness profiles (B-Scan) and the complete mapping (C-Scan) of specimens and structures. A review of modern system capabilities is presented with emphasis on the increased needs for data recording and analysis through specialized software that are capable of handling the volume and complexity of the data produced by such systems. The advantages provided by relevant software packages for the analysis and presentation of ultrasonic scan data along with their effectiveness are discussed. Thickness measurement data handling techniques are investigated, including relevant/non-relevant indication discrimination, waveform usage in analysis and specialized display techniques. C-Scan composition techniques to display complex geometries (Composite Area C-Scan) are also investigated. Examples from industry and laboratory are discussed where extensive use is made of software based analysis and display of ultrasonic thickness data and the relative advantages are discussed for the specific applications.