Nondestructive evaluation of multilayered composites using low frequency, oblique incidence acousto-ultrasonics


“Emerging Technologies in NDT”, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Emerging Technologies in NDT, A. A. Balkema, Netherlands 2004, ISBN 90 5809 645 9 (Volume)-. 90 5809 645 7(CD), pp. 117-122

V.F.Godinez-Azcuaga, R.D.Finlayson, R.K.Milles, S.J.Vahaviolos, A. Anastasopoulos, Ph. Cole,


A portable field-application nondestructive system for the inspection of multi-layer compositesections based on oblique-incidence, low-frequency Acousto-Ultrasonics (AU) has recently been developed byPhysical Acoustics Corporation (PAC). This development was the result of an SBIR (Small Business InnovativeResearch) project sponsored by The Lightweight Structures Team at TARDEC (Tank Automotive Research,Development and Engineering Center). Although developed for the particular purpose of inspecting multi-functional composite armor plates, PAC has used this field inspection system in the evaluation of many criticalcomposite structures. Some of these components include Fiber-Reinforced Polymer “wraps” around concretestructures, graphite-epoxy, foam-core composite centrifugal arms for simulators, and type III Navy diving bottles.