Risk Based Inspection


4th National Conference of H.S.N.T. and 2nd Balkan Conference of BSNDT Athens, November 2, 2002

A. Anastasopoulos


Time based inspection possess several limitations, for the assessment of mechanical integrity in the petroleum and petrochemical industry. It has been recognized as insufficient for the ever increasing demand for maintenance planning of aging structures. The use of Risk assessment to plan, justify and aid the interpretation of results from inspection, testing and monitoring is proposed as alternative to conventional time based inspection. Assessment of both consequences and likelihood of failure is the base of RBI in order to establish inspection and monitoring plans aiming to increase Safety, Availability and Reliability. The basic principles, advantages and application requirements for RBI in the petroleum and petrochemical industry are presented and discussed in this work. Representative examples are given and discussed in relation with operation parameters such as fluids compositions, pressures, temperatures as well as past inspection and monitoring practices.