Acoustic Emission Proof Testing and Damage Assessment of Wind Turbine Blades (AEGIS)


EC Contractors Meeting, Athens, Greece, 3-4 May 2000

A G Dutton, M Blanch, P Vionis, V Kolovos, D R V van Delft, P Joosse, A Anastassopoulos, D Kouroussis, T Kossivas, J ter Laak, T Philippidis, Y Kolaxis, G Fernando, G Zheng, T Liu, A Proust


Acoustic emission (AE) non-destructive testing techniques are being developed during a series of static and fatigue tests on small and commercial scale blades and demonstrated on an in-service turbine. Real-time monitoring of these tests will contribute further to the understanding of failure processes in the blades and form the basis for feeding back information to designers for optimisation of the design and manufacturing processes. The data are being analysed using pattern recognition software in order to develop quantifiable evaluation criteria (acceptance / rejection) for application during static and fatigue testing of wind turbine blades.