Non Destructive Structural Integrity Evaluation of Tanks and Vessels

Advanced NDT Techniques (proceedings of MATEST 99 international conference), CrSNDT, 23&24 September 1999, CAVCAT/CROATIA , pp.121-126
Dr. Athanassios Anastassopoulos, Apostolos Tsimogiannis


Non destructive evaluation of metal tanks and pressure vessels is crucial to the safety and operations of a plant. Most non destructive inspection techniques require costly shut-downs and are time consuming processes. Therefore, only certain areas of the structure are inspected, usually those of higher defect probability, such as welds, nozzles etc. Acoustic Emission (AE) is a non destructive evaluation technique, offering in-service, global inspection of structures. The vast majority of above ground metal tanks and vessels are assessed according to ASME section V and MONPAC, Acoustic Emission evaluation procedures. The present work outlines the use of AE for tank and vessel testing and provides some representative examples.